MOE 10th Anniversary
  • 24th–25th July, 2021

MOE e Okaerinasaimase!
Maids Of England has reached a giant Milestone! We are now 10 years old!!!
To celebrate we are hosting a two day celebration over on our twitch channel! Full of games, activities from our maids and Butlers!
Along with a special discount code to use on our website for 50% only for this weekend!
The following games will be available for our masters to join us!
– Gartic Phone – To our Patrons and Subs only!
– Among us – To all our viewers
– Mario Kart – To all our viewers
Many goodies are available for this short weekend as well!
– MOE stamp washi tape release! – Special release price – £5 (will be £7 on our website)
– MOE KYUN Chekkis! A random decorated chekki from the following members of MOE will be sent to you! – £3
– MOE MOE Badges! Our badges are back! – £2 per random badge and £5 for 3
Every donation will be given an entry to our Raffle at the end of each day to win Maid Xiao and Maid Willow’s baked cookies made on Saturday! There will be two winners each day!
Please note that when donating, please ensure there is a way of us contacting you (ie paypal email or recognisable name). There is no need to list what you would like from the list as we will be contacting you after the stream to ask what you would like. As for badge requests, if you already have a badge please let us know via messaging so we do not give you a duplicate! (Though we cannot take specific requests). Alternatively email/DM us after the event if you have not received an email within 48 hours after the stream.
Our Online event is FREE!
Maids Of England (MOE) is an English-Japanese style maid cafe, here to bring “moe” to your day!
The Japanese term “moe” connotes a burning passion towards certain traits that you personally find appealing! All of our maids have the essence of “moe”, so there is someone for everyone~
We serve maid cafe staples such as “omurice” (fried rice wrapped in a fluffy omelette with hand drawn ketchup sauce art) and cute desserts. All food and drink are served “ai kome” (with love!) and your maid will always do a special spell for you!
Our maids can also play games with you, take “chekkis” (credit card sized instant photos) as well as singing and dancing live!
We hope to see you at home soon Master; Goshujin-sama (my lord), Ojou-sama (my lady)

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