Maid Arisa

“You’re my new best friend~”



10th November


Forever 17

Soul colour


Blood type





Stargazing, long walks at night, singing, playing with dolls and plushies.

Favourite foods

Greengages, other berries, and tea.

Favourite flower


Random fact

I can't actually tell what you're thinking of… most of the time :)

Arisa was born in a remote little village. The only child to a poor, outcast couple, Arisa had very little but her parents’ love. Her sole friend was Shiro, a white rabbit plush her mother had made, whom she carried everywhere and did everything with; read books, draw, sing and dance.

When she was still a child, Arisa’s mother took ill with fever on a cold winter’s night and fell into a slumber. Naively, Arisa believed that she would wake up one day; it felt as if she had never left. It was then known to her that her family was stuck with a curse placed by a vengeful spirit many ancestors ago. Her father was afraid that his daughter would befall under the same fate. He set off to find a cure, leaving the young girl behind in their cold home.

Although she was mostly alone, she was never quite lonely. Those passing by would say that she was crazy, always seen to be talking to herself or her toys. This was visibly far from just playing, it was as if she could really hear them. Some would say she was ill, others possessed, but Arisa knew she was neither.

As she grew older, Arisa began to recognise and acknowledge her psychic abilities. She knew there was much more for her to learn, way more than she could learn alone. Arisa finally built up the courage to explore with her precious rabbit companion and followed each road the stars led her to, befriending each soul she came across. Despite her friendly nature, humans did not take to her presence kindly due to her somewhat eerie aura and weird predictions.

After many miles, many months, Arisa began to grow tired of exploring. She sensed strange presences at the end of the road, which led to a large mansion underneath a cluster of stars. Curious to explore and befriend new souls, Arisa couldn’t help but wander inside…