MOE e Okaerinasaimase!


We are currently NOT looking for any new Maids of Butlers to join us in the MOE mansion. Please keep an eye on our Social media regarding any new positions avaliable.

Maids Of England, UK’s largest and most active maid cafe, is recruiting for new MAIDS and BUTLERS to join our MOE family!

18 years of age or over
• Available on WEEKENDS to attend trainings and events in London
• Must NOT be affiliated to any other maid cafe in the UK
• Feel you have a strong essence of “moe” or “kyun” and that you shine your own unique colour!

Interviews will be held on shortly after the end dates. Please specify any dates & times within this period that you are UNAVAILABLE in your application. It is also preferable to be available for the full day on the interview day(s).

Please include your name, age, hobbies, applicable skills/experience and your reason for wanting to become a maid or butler for MOE, along with at least THREE recent and clear photos of yourself, with one full body shot. These photos must be unedited and in clear likeness of you.

We CANNOT consider any applications that lack any of the above requirements.

With an ever growing MOE family, we are looking for new additions to join the mansion; especially performing individuals to reform MOE’s Idol unit – M.O.E.! With this, we have included an additional section to include any previous experience in singing and dancing. We will consider all applicants regardless of this section.

NOTE: This not a full-time position; our events are convention and pop-up based but are PAID POSITIONS.


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