Maids Of England, UK’s largest and most active maid & Butler café, is recruiting for new Virtual Streamers (V-Tuber) to join our MOE family!

18 years of age or over
• Must be streaming within suitable GMT/BST Timezones
• Must NOT be affiliated to any other Maid café or V-Tuber agency.
• Be able to keep an active online social media presence in your character!
• Be committed for at least 1 year within the cafe.
• We require Native/Fluent level English.
• Have a suitable set up ready for streaming and have experience streaming/creating online content.
• Feel you have a strong essence of “MOE” or “KYUN” and that you shine your own unique colour!
• Must be able to stream family friendly content (PG-17) for collab streams on the MOE offical account.


Recruitment period : 10th April 2024 – 1st May 2024

We will be contacting successful applicants within 1 week of the ending date.


• We are looking for ADOPTION style Vtubers; meaning they already have a pre-existing character and concept. We will provide a new Live2D if required but we have a high preference for those with existing characters but feel free to apply even if you do not have one! We will provide you with a new outfit matching our MOE uniforms!
• There will be TWO subgroups within the V-Tuber faction; MOE!Live for Maid presenting individuals and Oshi!KYUN for Butler presenting individuals. You may only join one or another. We are also looking for a new voice for our mascot Maid Macaron!
• Applications are open Worldwide though we do require you to be active in a suitable GMT/BST timezone (12pm-12am).
All genders are welcome to apply!
• You may be featured at our physical events on a screen to interact with our irl cafe activities.
• The model of this group is more of a casual group rather than a strict agency – MOE will provide things like illustrations, animations, music, mixers for group projects.
All streamer income will be for the streamer themselves to keep. Any superchats/memberships on offical MOE account will be MOE’s. Merchandise sales hosted by MOE will have a 20/80 split (Streamer/MOE).

Due to the amount of applicants we get, please note we will only send successful applicants emails.