Maid Amelia




23rd August



Blood type




Soul colour

Hot pink


Shopping anywhere and everywhere! I also loooove modeling cute outfits with loads of bows and going to spas while getting my nails done ❤

Favourite foods

Macarons! ???? Cause they r so super fluffy! N I can have any of them in PINK

Favourite flower

Pretty pink peonies!

Random fact

I read somewhere that doing cartwheels feeds your brain energy like fizzy drinks O__O

Amelia is from a wealthy family; she has no concept of money. She is not very bright and always has her head is stuck in the clouds. She generally has a concentration span of a fish, but when she is in her zone, designing or creating new fashion pieces, she can focus for hours! She loves to talk and learn new facts, as well as playing dress up games on her decorated phone! Her favourite is Love Nikki.

One of her life goals is to try out all Starbucks drinks, including exclusive seasonal ones. One day, on her way to Starbucks to try out the Vanilla Cold Brew, she came across a MOE cafe. Fascinated by their maid fashion, ideas started flooding into her head with all the different styles she could, if she took them all for a make over…