Maid Sky

“…i need a nap…”



2nd October


Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour



Finding ways to do as much as possible with the least effort possible except for Pokemon...

Favourite foods

Anything which doesn't require too much chewing...

Favourite flower


Random fact

She is the youngest angel in her family and is used to being carried around, due to falling asleep every time things get too complicated...

Sky is from a family of Archangels, who also want her to become a fully fledged Archangel, which required proficiency with weapons and magic. However, Sky thinks weapons are heavy and magic requires too much effort to learn. So she has decided, due to the pressure from her family, to hide away on Earth in human form, as she thought humans had an easier time without complicated weapons and magic.

After falling to Earth, she dragged herself into the closest building she could find to sleep off the fall, only to find herself in the MOE Mansion. She learnt the joys of her MOE family which provided her the energy to return to the heavens. A short time away from the Mansion and without her new interest in Pokémon bored the angel.

One day she saw a ‘Beam’ similar to the ones she has seen in the new games, Sky wandered back into earth and back into the MOE Mansion…