Maid Sawashiro




15th July


Forever 17…?

Blood type


Soul colour

Light Blue


Eating only the finest foods... Definitely never any junk food. Especially not pizza. Night time walks, and caring for animals.

Favourite food

Human fle- Um, Salmon fettuccine carbonara with grated truffles and crushed garlic.

Favourite flower

Stargazer lilies

Random fact

Did you know? Cats and dogs have been known to visit their owners graves after they die... I just thought that was interesting, didn’t you?

Sawashiro was an energetic girl from a kind family, who always wore a bright smile and possessed a keen desire to help others. As she grew older, she got a job in a mansion as a maid in order to help her struggling family; she quickly surpassed the rank of many other staff members due to her dedicated and helpful nature, and was given the rank of Head Maid by the master of the mansion, who favoured her over the other maids greatly. Her devotion to her job knew no bounds, to the point that once her family came into enough money to live comfortably, she decided to continue working as a maid, much to the previous Head Maid’s dismay…

Unaware of her coworker’s jealousy and simply happy to serve, Sawashiro continued her days happily – until a suspicious event involving her favourite midnight snack claimed her life. The previous Head Maid mysteriously retrieved her old position, while Sawashiro’s spirit was left to wander the halls for over five decades in search of a new master. One day, a young witch used her magics to bring her back to life…somewhat. Sawashiro’s body was only just about able to be held together with the help of a lot of magic (and a few stitches), and her newfound inability to express emotion left her a little more… ‘zombified’ than Mima had expected. Despite Sawashiro’s hazy memories of her past life, her kind soul still wished to help others – so she followed Mima directly into the MOE Mansion to welcome home all of her new Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama.