Maid Nao

“-Initiating Procedure-”



1st May


Programmed to remain Forever 17

Fuel type


Soul colour

Dark Green

Model number


Favourite foods

M.1.N.T. (Mint bubble gum keeps her engines running)


Strategies and turned based games (Like Fire Emblem), watching non-fiction documentaries in order to learn about human life and baking

Favourite flower


Random fact

In order for Nao to stay in operation she requires to eat at least 1 of her fuel gums every hour.

Nao is an android that Kana invented to be her idea twin. Reserved and quiet, Nao doesn’t entirely understand humans and their emotions, although she desperately desires to; having not been taught very much about humanity by Kana after her creation, she passes the time by trying to find out new things about humans and adding each little fact to her extensive database. The coding that Kana gave her is extensive enough that she is able to express human-like expressions, but little flaws left by her clumsy creator mean that she struggles to understand exactly what happiness, sadness, and other ‘abstract’ human concepts are. Nao can often be found quietly imitating human behaviour – usually Kana’s, who she follows around despite her creator’s dismissive nature.

Being an android, she is incredibly logical and mathematical, and is able to calculate percentage probabilities of certain outcomes almost instantly. One outcome she couldn’t predict, however, was Kana deciding to take her to the MOE Mansion in order to become better at cleaning, cooking, and serving. Although she doesn’t understand a lot of the maids and butlers at the Mansion, it seems that there is a 99% chance that she’ll have fun being a maid… as abstract as the concept is.