Butler Tsuki

“Keep on dreaming~”



13th March


??? millennia old - Manifests as a 17 year old.

Blood type


Soul colour

Midnight Blue

Favourite food

Nightmares and dreams (It’s all he can ever eat)

Favourite flower



Astrology, embroidery, visiting other people’s dreams/nightmares.

Random fact

Tsuki hates bright lights because it’s harder to sleep then.

Tsuki was manifested as a wandering spirit, consuming the various dreams and nightmares that would enter his realm from the waking world. Even watching and eating the most outrageous dreams, Tsuki found himself easily distracted and in fact bored of his day to day, floating between the realm of consciousnesses. Often he would slack off in his job as a dream-eater to watch the humans, who could not see him no matter what he did. He would watch for millennia as they lived their lives and their dreams – some chasing after them, others settling for the norm. As an entity that could never dream no matter how much he slept, he often found humans less boring than his daily routine.

Of course, even with his wandering, every spirit knew that they could only linger in the waking world for so long. Despite the warnings Tsuki would often inch closer and closer to the time limit, until one day he was distracted just enough that the gate to the dream realm closed before he made it back! Now, unsure how to return back to his ‘home’, he wandered the lonely world until he floated into a quiet forest where he heard a voice breaking the silence. It sounded beautiful… Yet as lonely as he was. As he moved closer to the object of his intrigue, expecting a human, he met another unworldly being – golden eyes and horns. Maybe something interesting was entering his boring life? Just before he made contact with the demon, he heard chanting coming from another direction. An exorcism? To stop such a voice breaking his boredom? The dream-eater wasn’t having any of that. Making a mere mortal fall asleep with a spell was easy for someone like Tsuki and that was exactly what he did. With a blow of stardust, the human fell into a sleep, thudding on the ground and scaring the demon who panicked at the sight of a downed man. 

Tsuki had to decide then and there what he was going to do, follow the demon dragging the human to heavens-know-where or simply float on now that the singing had stopped? But if he followed them… Would that mean he would get to hear it again? The answer was simple. Making it all the way to the gates of the MOE mansion, the strange trio left the sleeping exorcist in the garden and walked through the mansion’s gates. 

Tsuki at that moment was still hiding his presence – he was notoriously good at that… Until he felt a tug of his shirt and large black eyes staring directly into his. This startled him, no mortal ever could see him! The maid’s gentle smile sent chills down his spine, he moved away and ran off, following the demon who was now being reprimanded by a small prince. A weird but… Interesting place… 

The magic within the MOE mansion sensed an essence of Kyun within the spirit and manifested a human form (much to everyone in the room’s fright), he introduced himself as Tsuki and that now he will be in their care… Excited to see the dreams and nightmares of his new friends and masters…