Maid Xiao

“Hai~Hai~ Lunch is served”



8th June


Forever 17

Soul colour

Muted Red

Blood type




Favourite food

As a chef, she loves all food but in particular seafood and hotpot.

Favourite flower



Inventing new recipes and dishes, pondering cooking (both within video games and real life).

Random fact

At the age of 9, Xiao mastered the 5 top culinary arts.

Xiao grew up an only child to a family of chefs of a prestigious five star seafront restaurant, Xiao knew only the finest seafood in the continent. Her parents were strict, passing down their skills to Xiao who inherited their culinary expertise and became a child prodigy. She received so much praise and fame throughout her early life but something was missing.

Being a seaside town, everyone loves the freshness of the seafood and it’s always fun to talk about the catch of the day! One day like any other day she visited the local aquarium on her day off. Walking by, rather than observing the fish that she would see so often, she observed… People. Seeing families with lots of siblings gather, looking so excited, chit chatting about the meals they’re going to make for each other – Xiao realised what was missing in her heart. The desire to cook for her big brothers and sisters! That overwhelming excitement of seeing the joys of your siblings face when they tell you THEY really love your food! She dashed home as soon as possible and declared to her parents that she wishes to go on a pilgrimage to hone her skills and create the ultimate master chef recipes and to one day, surpass all of her family. Before anyone could even say anything she packed her bags and just like that, she was already gone.

She travelled far and wide, learnt so much about different cultures and tasted many different palettes all around the world. Yet she still couldn’t find that missing ingredient. Stumped on where to travel next, she unknowingly set up camp within the gates of the MOE Mansion! As she prepared some stew for her own dinner, she turned away to grab some more salt. As she turned back, there were people – kind of!! A hungry zombie drooling over the delicious smells, a girl with dog ears(?) Excited to see her. At first she was shocked but then realising they were harmless and just really loved the food she was making – she followed them into their kitchen and served some food to them, they were only filled with even more excitement! This gave Xiao the surge of happiness she’s been longing for, is this the missing ingredient!? She decided then and there that she would join the maids and prepare dishes for her new big brothers and sisters!