Maid Khao

“Duty x Lady”



29th November


Forever 17

Soul colour

Royal Blue

Blood type





Cleaning, reading manga and zoological texts, researching wrestling.

Favourite foods

Strawberries and Thai cuisine.

Favourite flower

Royal Orchids & Blue Roses

Random fact

I like reading stuff that happens to have BL in it (of course not because there are two men; I don't like that, I just like the artwork and story.)

Khao is the younger twin child of a prestigious gang family, who’ve raised her strictly and protectively, leading to her lack of knowledge about what a “commoner’s” daily life would include.

During her younger years, she was notoriously known as the strongest yankee, causing havoc within her district, but those days were long gone when she became a candidate to take over her family’s gang. She changed ways from her past actions to undertake a far more elegant and ladylike lifestyle. However, sparks of her old yankee self are accidentally set off sometimes, if she gets heated up!

Her reason of being in England is a secret within her family, but one of her motives is to recruit people for her gang. One day she got lost in the city and stumbled upon MOE. She became highly interested in the the serving staff and the customers, and joined MOE in hopes of gaining both members and… perhaps friends. Treated like the “mother” of the household, Khao accepted her duty to ensure the mansion is kept in pristine condition and to observe the relationship between the butlers…for research of course.

Khao is a perfectionist at all things she involves herself in, holding herself with the highest expectations and she is unwilling to do things unless it benefits her or the ones she serves in some way. Often the voice of reason in the mansion, Khao is usually very frank and blunt about the things she deems out of the ordinary.
She is somewhat reluctant to talk about her vast knowledge of Boy’s Love manga yet shows high interest to those interested in her research. Perhaps someone can break the shell surrounding her…?