Maid Willow

“What’s up Buttercup!!~”



20th May


Forever 17

Blood type

DEA 1.1 positive

Soul colour



Chasing sheep, picking flowers and baking

Favourite foods

Peanut butter and biscuits

Favourite flower


Random fact

I’m told the other person with the same ears and tail as me in the mirror is just me! But I don’t believe that at all! I’ll catch her one day!!

Willow grew up in a simple farm town, full of rolling hills and plenty of sheep to chase! While she wasn’t the best herder due to her poor attention span, she loved her job. She filled day after day getting lost in the corn fields and playing with chickens. However, displeased by her lack of maturity, the farmers put Willow under a spell and turned her into a human, sending her away to the MOE Mansion to grow and become focused!

Even though being a maid with responsibilities seemed like a good plan, Willow prefers to play in the garden rather than clean. While being easily distracted, over-excited and loyal to a fault, she is always ready to help people and do her best (even if that thought is often cut short by a passing squirrel…). Maybe, just maybe, you can teach her a few new tricks!