Maid Haine




21st July


Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour





Dancing, weightlifting and Persona games!

Favourite foods

Ramen and curry, the easy foods!

Favourite flower


Random fact

I don't understand why Dance Dance Revolution is so hard compared to IRL dancing. Technology is easy to break anyway, I could break the machine with my legs if I wanted to!!!!

Haine grew up in a devoted caring family surrounded by lots of love. She had a huge love for cute animals and one day saw a lone kitten on the brink of death. Crying over the near loss of the kitten’s life, Khao came along with her knowledge of animals and saved it. Since that day, Haine has admired Khao and wanted to learn more about her, and later joined her gang.

She was always hot headed and fought through the ranks to become one of the strongest and Khao’s right hand woman in her gang; Taking the reins after Khao had given up her yankee days. Her strength and flexibility were unique, causing her to win every fight. Her height may have led to a lot of opponents underestimating her -a large mistake on their part!

Despite her strength, she may not be the brightest of the bunch. After finding yet another injured kitten and not knowing what to do, she only knew of Khao who could help. So, she went on her own adventure and eventually found Khao at the MOE mansion, who helped her nurse the little cat that she now carries around with her in the mansion to protect. Haine felt so happy to be by Khao’s side again she decided to stay, despite the rest of the mansion being slightly scared of her yankee presence…