Maid Nemu

“It is for the gains~”



9th September


I… Think I’m 17? It’s what bearybody tells me

Blood type


Soul colour



Lifting heavy things and putting them back down followed by a nice, long post-workout soak in the bathtub. Nemu also likes listening to the sound of the rain whilst playing Zelda, Breath of the Wild.

Favourite foods

Hakone Manju, Agedashi tofu and zaru soba ! Anything honey flavoured is a must too!

Favourite flower


Random fact

Once, Nemu couldn't find a knife to serve slices of watermelon to everyone so Nemu cracked open the watermelon with her thighs instead.

Nemu was a lonely bear, spending most of her time in a tiny cave in the middle of the woods; Her comfort zone. Most of her time is spent training; She would lift heavy things to build up her strength (Humans call this powerlifting apparently!). Nemu did this to fend for herself and also because she wanted to use her strength to help the humans in the nearby village, hoping that she could befriend them.

However, whenever she mustered the courage to approach humans, they would run away from her either due to her form or because she would use too much strength and would accidentally break things. This made Nemu beary sad and thus deciding to never display her strength anymore- even if being able to see the looks of awe from the children unafraid of her were her most precious memories…

One night after yet another failed attempt, she cried and prayed to the constellation Ursa Major for the friendship she sought. The tears of such a mighty creature convinced the forest spirits to turn Nemu into a human and sent her on an adventure! Even in a smaller form, she still possessed the strength she had all been used to. She wandered around aimlessly, unsure with what the spirits wanted her to do as a human… Until she saw a group of cute maids and dashing butler whilst hiding away behind some trees. Nemu was instantly mesmerised by their charms! Some of them were so strong, maybe as strong as her yet they were loved by everyone! She continued to follow the group right to the gates of the MOE mansion, but hesitated to enter; What if they would be scared off just like everyone else? In the midst of her thoughts, she spotted Maid Haine and with lit up eyes realised she was doing strength training just like she did! Nemu thought “Maybe I can be cute as well as strong!” and it made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Finally she realised why the forest spirits had sent her here, it was to join MOE where she would finally find her forever home and masters that accepts her for who she is.