Maid Rin

“Let's go on a quest together~”



12th October


Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour

Forest Green


Collecting notebooks and potions, reviewing stats and watching shows like Lord of the Rings and Merlin.

Favourite foods

Hi-Potions, cookies and cream pocky, cinnamon buns and garlic bread.

Favourite flower

Lily of the valley.

Random fact

Even though I’m a maid, my uniform changes into a butler’s occasionally, I’m not sure why; There’s no stat changes though so no need to worry.

Growing up in a tavern within a rural village run by their family found in another dimension, Rin would often be made to help around the place, this included cleaning the tables, watering the plants and collecting supplies from the city with their father- A mundane yet comfortable life within a world full of monsters.

One day, they were sent on a gathering errand to the nearby guildhall, however on the way they were ambushed by wild monsters. Frightened and helpless, Rin was bracing themselves for the worst but then, a group of traveling hunters from the famous 5th fleet came to their rescue! From that day on, they decided to dedicate their life to becoming the strongest hunter in their guild so that they could do the same despite their timid nature.

For many years they trained with their master, a wise racoon, who taught them the ways of strategy and the art of different types of weapons; from hammers to giant swords. Now a high ranking member of their guild, Rin accepted an urgent quest to slay an entity made from the essence of fear! Equipped and ready on their most difficult quest yet, they decided to take a rumored shortcut inside a cave nearby. Upon arriving Rin ventured through the darkness where they suddenly fell into a hidden portal planted by the creature to deter hunters, landing in an unknown location; the MOE Mansion!

Despite still retaining the ability to see the stats of others around them (they apparently couldn’t!), they could not find their way home. After a few days of trying to find a path, they realised this must be part of their quest! Rin chose to stay until they would be able to slay this elusive monster. Perhaps if they were able to remove “Fear” from everyone around them, their quest would be completed!

Plus they grew interested in the unbounded fashion that humans in this land were able to have. Back in their world, they could only wear very specific armour but here on earth, they could wear whatever they desired; Plus there were no stat changes