Maid Eva

“Time to DANCE!!”



30th June


Forever 17

Blood type

B (or R for Ramune)

Soul colour


Favourite foods

Jaffa cakes, pancakes, peaches, (do energy drinks count???)

Favourite flower



Dancing to Just Dance 2 (especially the Rasputin dance!!!), singing, beatboxing, petting dogs, playing games, dares and challenges, eating icing, hearing and telling stories

Random fact

Did you know that over your lifetime you produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools!?... Oh, about me? I’m a master of air guitar ^^

Coming from a large family, Eva learnt how to speak and how to speak FAST. Being the 7th of 9 children never hindered her, as she always did her best, shining through with her pure enthusiasm and energy! She loved to make friends with anyone and everyone, and prided herself on being a social butterfly. Constantly buzzing with energy and her love of performance, Eva became a local Just Dance champion, winning competitions using Monster Energy drinks as her secret fuel!

One afternoon, Eva heard music coming from the MOE Cafe. Upon seeing the maids perform wholeheartedly, she decided that she NEEDED to join them on stage so she could do the three things she loved most – dancing, making friends and making people happy!