MOE Lucky 8th Anniversary

Did you know that the number 8 is considered lucky? It’s Maids of England’s 8th anniversary and we would like to celebrate with you!

The August Birthday Trio – Maid Amelia, Maid Kyoko (who has wrapped her Khaorin all for herself!) and Butler Mako have prepared a grand party for everyone in the mansion! Meanwhile Maid Mima tells off Maid Eva to no avail for interrupting Maid Beatrice’s catnaps constantly (Maid Willow is at fault as well… sometimes)! Maid Nao nods along to Butler Kodama’s self proclaimed abilities as he tries to control the forces of nature… again!

This event will be the first time Maid Beatrice and Maid Eva will be serving, please give them a warm welcome and enjoy the Birthday celebrations during your return home!

Serving you will be...

Slot 1: 12-3PM

~SLOT 1: J fashion Parade! Birthday Extravaganza~

All our maids and butlers will be dressed as their own preferred Japanese Fashion Subsets!

Slot 2: 4-7PM

~SLOT 2: Birthday Party~

Let’s celebrate MOE’s 8th Birthday with the maids and butlers in their uniforms with coloured accessories of the Birthday Trio!

Event Specials

~BOTH SLOTS: Chekki Chekki Raffle!~
Each ticket will come with a raffle chance, and the winner will recieve a two of a kind chekki album (One for each slot)! Collect all your MOE chekkis inside this 64 slot album!

~BOTH SLOTS: MOE Kyun Lucky Dip!~
We will have our lucky dip box back, where you have the chance to win limited edition bromides, badges and event chekkis! As this is our 8th anniversary our lucky dip is now only £2 for this event only; try your luck!

~BOTH SLOTS: Otanjoubi!~
Does your birthday fall 7 days before, during or after our event? Let the Doorman know (proof required!) and we will sing you Happy Birthday and present you with a free harem chekki!

~SLOT 1 EXCLUSIVE: Fashion Parade!~
Those who join the maids and butlers in dressing in a J-Fashion style will have the chance to join the in a group photo with the MOE members to be posted online!

~SLOT 2 EXCLUSIVE: Birthday Lives!~
Maid Kyoko, Maid Amelia and Butler Mako will be celebrating their Birthdays with a Special Live!