Butler Kodama

“I command the forces of NATURE!”



22nd April


Forever 17…million?

Blood type

Sap... or “O”, as everyone else says

Soul colour



Climbing trees, stargazing, gardening, and watching cartoons like Steven Universe and Adventure Time! Oh yeah, and especially controlling the forces of nature!!

Favourite food

Sunomono, Smoothies with lots of fruit and veg! And neon blue/green sour candies! I love weird snacks, the stranger the better! You humans have such weird things to eat!

Favourite flower

Bonsai Trees, they make me feel so big and powerful, which I totally am!

Random fact

I sneak out at night to talk with the plants and trees, they TOTALLY understand me.

Kodama grew up in a wonderful, secluded treehouse within a vibrant forest on the edge of a vast city far, far away. Passing the time by reading, he became enchanted by the fantasy books about various spirits of the forest, his favourite of which told a story about a nature spirit that lived right near him. He felt a connection to the fantasy spirit, and began to act as if he was a tree sprite instead of a boring old human, fantasizing about being able to communicate with his fantastic nature friends;  you could often find him outside late a night whispering to the bristling trees. He spent his days scavenging, spending the warm hazy days basking in the sun, and talking with the animals of the forest (who he can TOTALLY understand, you see!). Occasionally, he would even approach humans who came close to the forest under the guise of being a whimsical, mythical forest deity requiring various tributes and offerings.

One day, on his walk through the forest, he uncovered a discarded book that told a tale of the king of the forest spirits, who was being held hostage by evil demons. Not realising that the literature he held was a work of fiction, Kodama immediately set off to rescue his king! His journey led him to the MOE mansion, which he heroically stormed into, expecting a grand battle. Although he was upset that his beloved king was not there, he was even more shocked to see the state of some of the mansion’s vast gardens. He couldn’t leave without doing something to help the more unkept and overgrown of the flowerbeds – it was his duty as a tree sprite, after all!

He slowly transformed the gardens into his personal utopia, rebuilding his treehouse home along the way, and many of the maids and butlers of the mansion began to admire his work. This didn’t stop some of the more chaotic members of the mansion from damaging the perfectly placed flowers by accident, causing Kodama to announce that he simply could NOT leave; he was now the (self-proclaimed) guardian of the MOE gardens, you see! As he grew more curious and began to take peeks into the mansion to see how the maids and butlers’ lives differed from his own, they reluctantly offered Kodama a place to stay, under the condition that he work as a butler and care for the Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama as well as he did the garden… and that he wash all of the dirt and leaves off of his clothes!