Maid Mima

“Don’t underestimate me mortal!”



22nd December


100... but I suppose in human years I would be 17!

Blood type


Soul colour


Favourite foods

Anything hot. Especially drinks like tea!

Favourite flower

Bleeding heart


Studying mortals, playing pranks on said mortals, brewing potions for said pranks on said mortals, summoning cats, playing campaigns of Dungeons and Dragons, sitting by the fireplace with an adventure novel, and wearing those fluffy mortal feet covers... eh? They’re called slippers?

Random fact

You might catch me staring at you... but that’s not because I’m interested in you or anything, stupid! ٩(๑`^´๑)۶

Mima is a witch from a far far away land. Although she comes from a long line of powerful witches and warlocks, Mima couldn’t be less interested in her duties as a young witch. Her coven was located in a grand castle amongst the plains of a sweeping snowy forest. Due to this Mima spent most, of not all, of her days cosied up by one of the castles many fireplaces reading thrilling stories of adventure and mystery. Although she did this to escape her studies of learning spells and brewing potions she couldn’t help but dream of embarking on her own unique and exciting adventure. When she wasn’t reading or (reluctantly) studying, Mima was sneaking off into the forest to reenact scenes from her favourite books in secret with her best friend and familiar Merlin the cat. She, the brave knight, would fight off the mighty dragon (Merlin disguised by an illusion spell) with nothing but her wand and her wits!!! At least… that’s what happened in her imagination, not that she’d ever admit it to anyone.

Being an only child Mima was used to getting her way. That’s why she was shocked to discover that she was being sent on a mission to the mortal world by her coven! For reasons that remain classified her mission was to investigate mortals whilst living among them. Despite this not being the adventure she had in mind, Mima begrudgingly agreed on behalf of her coven.

Upon arrival in the mortal world Mima became enchanted by mortals and their way of living. She was so excited to learn all about them she completely forgot she needed human currency to survive! Stumbling upon the MOE mansion Mima found the perfect place to earn a living whilst also studying humans. She may hide her love of humans behind a bratty façade when questioned but deep down she loves her new adventure!