Maid Kyoko

“Ufufu Have no fear, Oneesama is here”



29th August



Fuel type


Soul colour

Dark red

Model number



Cooking, singing and gathering 'personal' data from cute Ojou-sama and Goshujin-sama~

Favourite foods

Kitsune Udon, Salmon Onigiri

Favourite flower

Venus Flytrap~

Random fact

I'd like it if you called me "Onee-san"...okay?~ ufufufu ❤

Kyoko was a military android created for war, but her artificial intelligence was underestimated. As she was originally programmed to be a strict General, devoid of emotions, Kyoko felt something akin to loneliness. She found herself singing songs about peace, sadness, love and compassion; things she did not know about. Through her songs, she learnt to realise the cruelty of war and escaped, getting very damaged during the process. She was found in an alleyway, rusted and incapable of use. After undergoing high maintenance, she was sent to MOE.

Kyoko received an update after a few years of service in MOE, drastically changing her from her old self. Now she loves to learn very…different things, especially what the humans call the art of “chikan”. Though she is regarded as an older sister to her fellow maids and butlers, she cannot help but tease them to see their cute expressions!

After having to go in hiding from the government, Kyoko has now been granted immunity on the condition that she will continue to perform military missions once in a while!