Maid Beatrice




22nd February


Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour


Favourite foods

Cheese, steaks, tuna and dreamies.

Favourite flower

OBVIOUSLY, it’s Yellow Dahlias!


Ordering other people around, beautiful garments, laughing obnoxiously and scouting out the purrfect warm spot to nap in

Random fact

I just cannot *resist* a ball of yarn to play with...

Beatrice lived in the lap of luxury – to be more precise, the lap of a witch she affectionately called “Grandmother”. The witch lived in a vast and isolated mansion on a distant island, with many serving staff at her beck and call. Grandmother always spoiled Beatrice, giving her anything she could have wanted – and more! But one day, a magical storm hit the island – a challenge from a rival witch, who wanted to replace Grandmother as the esteemed “Golden Witch”. The battle was long and arduous, and although Grandmother was powerful, she was old, and was taken by surprise by the young usurper. As the battle drew to a close, she turned her beloved feline Beatrice into a human girl and cast her away to another part of the world in order to protect her.

Beatrice wandered the streets aimlessly, until she spotted maids going about their chores in the city. Recognising their uniforms as something she knew from home, she followed them back to the MOE Mansion and haughtily demanded that she was to stay. Her request was begrudgingly accepted… under one condition: that Beatrice become a maid as well!