Butler Mako

“Cool AND Tough!!”



30th August



Blood type


Soul colour



Reading, Cycling, Video Games, Baseball, Cooking

Favourite foods

Spicy Curry

Favourite flower

Sunflowers (Did you know they can grow up to 18 feet in height?)

Random fact

I love Classical Music!! My favourite song is A Cruel Angel’s Thesis!

Mako was born in the year 2746 to an aristocratic family of Space-Dwellers. As the family’s first born, he were to be enlisted in the military as an Armored EXO Pilot to serve on the front lines against a scourge of alien invaders. The day Mako was to arrive for his first tour of duty, a Time Dilation Bomb backfired, sending him hundreds of years into the past (to our present day).
Lost and alone, Mako tried to find a way of supporting himself. The only other skills he had were the ones he had picked up from watching the maids and butlers that served his household. He came across Maids Of England and joined, but vowed to not be like the traditional butlers in his family home. One thing that really stood out to Mako, was the abundance of cute things. The MOE Mansion was filled with the kinds of plush toys his family looked down on and his peers in the military had banned from the barracks.
Don’t get him started on his favourite Sanrio characters, he could be there all day!