MOE! Gakuen Valentine’s

💖MOE e Okaerinasaimase💖

As the snow melts around the MOE mansion, the smell of chocolate and spring soon fill the halls! The maids and butlers are busy preparing for the season of ♡LOVE♡!

Maid Amelia just can’t wait to tell everyone about her trip to Japan, no doubt she will return with many stories (and with the gifts that Maid Beatrice expects). Within the mansion’s ever busy kitchen (under Maid Khao’s watchful eye), Maid Haine protects and guards Maid Willow from consuming any of the chocolate left from Maid Kyoko’s attempts of adding ‘flavour’ to her treats, telling her to try some ramen instead!

On the other side of the mansion, Maid Achi drowns out the attempts of conquering from the joint forces of Butler Junpei (With his trusty mop!) and Maid Rikkari (With…her determination!) with a mocking laughter in between her impromptu performances. Butler Atré watches silently as the chaos in the mansino unfolds.

This event will be the debut of Maid Rikkari and Maid Achi, please give them a warm loving welcome in this season of love.


Serving you will be...

Slot 1: 12-3PM

~SLOT 1 (12-3PM) Gakuen Days~

The Maids and Butlers will be dressed in School uniform to celebrate Maid Beatrice’s birthday!

Slot 2: 4-7PM

~ SLOT 2 (4-7PM) MOE DokiDoki Valentines~

Our Maids and Butlers will be dressed in their uniforms adorned with valentines accessories.

Event Specials

~Slot 1 Exclusive: Maid Beatrice’s Birthday!~

Maid Beatrice, will hold a quiz for everyone, the Master with the most marks will receive a bag of chocolates from all the serving maids!

~Slot 1 Exclusive: School uniforms!~

We urge all our masters to join us in uniforms for a school photo during the slot!

~Slot 2 Exclusive: Valentines Bingo~

Everyone who returns home during this slot will get a free Bingo game ticket , the winner will receive a bag of chocolates from all the serving maids!

~Event Exclusive: MOE Shop~

We will be opening out MOE shop at the event entrance! Feel free to browse all our bromides for sale along with other goodies available~


~BOTH SLOTS: MOE Kyun Lucky Dip!~

We will have our lucky dip box, where you have the chance to win a keyring, badge, bromide or chekki. Each dip is £3.50; try your luck! This event we have NEW bromides included!

~BOTH SLOTS: Otanjoubi!~
Does your birthday fall 7 days before, during or after our event? Let the Doorman know (proof required!) and we will sing you Happy Birthday and present you with a free harem chekki!