Butler Atre




14th March


Forever 17~

Blood type


Soul colour



Playing Games and listening to K-pop

Favourite food

Sushi, Apple, Sweets

Favourite flower


Random fact

Atré was actually a professional gamer before being trapped in a crystal.

Atré, a young timid boy, had been trapped in a crystal due to him being the last “Vision”. A Vision is a human representation of emotions and memories of people on earth, and are granted magical powers that can only be used for good. Therefore, they can only be released by somebody worthy enough.

Inari, a Deity worthy enough to summon Atré, released him from the crystal as he saw potential in Atré in being his follower. However, due to being unconscious for a long time, Atré lost most of memories. Despite his memory loss, Atré felt indebted to Inari, as he was the one to release Atré from his deep slumber. Atré decided to follow Inari on his journey, hoping to regain his lost memories or possibly creating new memories…