Maid Achi

“Huhuhuhuuu~ Be prepared for my show, my fans!”



29th January


Her form is Forever 17 but who knows how old (young) she is

Blood type


Soul colour



Dancing, singing, having fun (aka causing havoc), gaining followers/fans, watching anime and listening to j-pop. Most of all being loud & wild & free.

Favourite foods

Pizza, raw fish and meat, cakes, souls- *coughs coughs* what?!

Favourite flower

Red Spider Lily

Random fact

The more chaos I cause the more powerful I become, so make sure you cheer for me ’kay huhuhu~

Born into a somewhat high-ranked demon family, Achi was used to being overshadowed by her siblings whom seemed to grasp the 7 sins far more than she ever could. Instead of the ~boring~ demands of being a demon, she often gazed upon the foolish but curiously interesting humans.

One day upon seeing some of the Maids and Butlers of MOE perform on stage through a portal, she was captivated by their performance as well as the crowds cheering for them. There she learnt the concept of idols. It was all Achi wanted, to be adored, looked up to… even worshipped! Then and there, she decided to be just like them. She would be able to do whatever she wanted, sing, dance and be as loud as she wanted to without being told off by her demonic teachers. It all seemed perfect for her! Thus she spent any free time practicing her skills along with plotting a way to escape the underworld.

After many years of failed attempts, she managed to sneak into a portal into the human realm. Achi found out quickly that things weren’t as easy as she first thought. Everyone was running away from her chaotic performances in the middle of the street. Where were her crowds of adoring fans? Interactions between demons and humans were far more different in her head, especially when Achi hadn’t listened to any of her classes. Dejected and wondering what made her different from all those other idols she looked at, the demon remembered the MOE performers and their supportive fans. She will demand them to teach her how to be just like them. Humming a melody as she appeared in front of the mansion, her fiery passion scorching some of the well kept scenery, somehow she managed to get a job as a Maid…

Every demon needs to achieve something; Well to the mischievous and upbeat Achi, it is to rule the idol industry through her talent and charm!