Butler Junpei

“The Hero Samurai of Justice!”



21st September



Blood type


Soul colour



Protecting the innocent! Playing video games! Defeating the supernatural! Baking...!

Favourite foods

Sushi (Particularly anything with prawn), Fried chicken, and Kebab, all with a glass of milk.

Favourite flower

Gladioli (Sword Lily)

Random fact

I name all my moves myself, my favourite technique is the Super Lightning Whirlwind Star Platinum Crazy Spinning Divine Eldritch Smackdown! IT'S EVEN MORE POWERFUL IF YOU YELL.

Junpei was raised in a small sleepy seaside village where he would work for his parents, mopping the floors and keeping things clean. (un)Popular at school, he would spend time alone at home, finding some excitement in swinging his trusty mop like a sword. Junpei was working alone one day, mopping the porch, when he noticed a strange sound in the distant forest. Without hesitation he leaped into action looking for excitement.

To his surprise he had just gate crashed a Hyakki Yagyō, and none of the demons looked very happy. Picking up his trusty mop as his defense, he began to swing it wildly yelling out all sorts of names for his strikes. This went on for one whole minute until a blinding flash of light brought the spectacle to the end. Junpei opened his eyes to see no demons in sight, instead a white fox running into the distance. He realised… this fox must of been the cause! These demons could not be allowed to terrorise the people of the land, what if someone who was way worse with a mop ran into something like this? With resolve burning in his hand (and his mop) he devoted his life from there on to fighting the supernatural and being the hero he always wanted to be.

With his trusty mop carved into a wooden sword, he began calling himself the “Hero Samurai of Justice” and set out from his boring life without a second thought. Junpei dedicated his life to defeating all supernatural threats and protecting the innocent. Through his travels he’s almost defeated many demons and yōkai throughout the land, but they always catch him on a ‘Bad day’ or ‘Bad weather for fighting’. Whilst roaming the world he has (nowhere near) perfected his swordplay (mop-play?), until stumbling upon the MOE mansion, where he discovered it to be a hotspot of supernatural activity.

Busting in with his trusty sword, he tried to defeat what he proclaimed to be a zombie before quickly being knocked out by the Head Maid. When he awoke he proudly announced (begged) that he would work a butler from here on out, as he says ‘Monitor the supernatural threats’ and ‘To be able to afford food’.