MOE! Royal Ball

As the festivities have finally passed and the air is still cold and crisp, all of our masters have been invited to a most royal occasion!

Invitations to the ball have reached far and wide, and our maids and butlers are no exception! Butler Louis and Butler Atsushi prepare their best garbs. While the demon is overconfident, Atsushi doesn’t seem to understand what the whole competition is about. Maid Amelia is preparing her most insta-grammable nails EVER (of course!) for such an important event, with Maid Haine getting all her dance moves ready. It is a dance, after all, right? Everything coupled with Maid Shiina’s perfectionist flare, they’re bound to make a good team. Meanwhile, Maid Melody and Maid Honey prepare to serve on their first event ever. Butler Yuuki oversees it all, wanting everything to be just as amazing as back in his castle back home.

This event is the graduation event of our Head Butler Yuuki. It’s not like he wants to admit it, but after such a long time, he is bound to want to be with his masters as long as possible before he needs to leave!

Serving you will be...

Slot 1: 12:00 - 15:00

Slot 1 - Moe x Kyun Exchange!

Oh no! Maid Macaron is up to her old tricks again! She has exchanged some of our serving maid’s and butler’s magic. Making specific maids exude an aura of kyun, and some of our butlers possess the powers of moe!
Let’s hope their new temporary forms and uniforms won’t bother them too much! But they will surely return to their normal selves sooner rather than later.

Slot 2: 16:00 - 19:00

Slot 2 - The Royal Ball

Bring your best, royal outfit for the grand ball! Our maids and butlers will be dressed in their fanciest clothes. Outfits fit for princes and princesses for sure!

Event Specials

Both Slots~

You will experience 2 exciting lives for each slot! Ready your penlights and cheer everyone on~

Slot 2 Exclusive! The Royal Ball~
We urge all our masters to join us in their best, royal outfits for a group photo at the end of the slot! The best dressed will get a group chekki with all of our serving staff.
~MOE Kyun Lucky Dip!~
We will have our lucky dip box, where you have the chance to win a keyring, badge, bromide or chekki. Each dip is £3.50; try your luck!
Does your birthday fall a week (7 days) before, during or after our event? Let the Doormaid know (proof required!) and we will sing you Happy Birthday and present you with a free full event staff chekki!

We hope you will be able to join us!