Maid Shiina

“Hmph.. its SO tiring being this cute..”



February 1st


Forever 17

Soul colour

Superior Red

Blood type




Favourite food

Pasta dishes, Carrot Cake and Spicy Foods

Favourite flower



Baking, Dress up games and Photo Collecting

Random fact

Since she loves to dress up, Shiina has a secret stash of lolita dresses, cosplays and accessories hidden in her room.

Ever since she was young, Shiina was expected to be a model child in her family, making her hide her secret interests in dressing up in beautiful outfits. Whilst obvious to everyone around her, she adamantly denied wanting the dresses she saw in the magazines her siblings would read. Yet their allure lingered in the back of her mind.

Shiina was working at her local bakery (She liked baking, not because she needed money for her Lolita dresses or anything!) when she noticed two never seen before customers coming in and immediately started clearing out all the pink macarons, pink cakes and well pink anything!. 

Fascinated by their peculiar outfits, Shiina hid behind the counter and peered over so she could get a better look at their clothes, tailcoats? Aprons? Bows? Ruffles? She must know more!

It was like something she had never seen before, these clothes had an aura that could only be that they were made of magic, so she sneakily followed them back to the mansion, jotting down every detail she could to figure out more. 

Before she realised, the gates of the mansion had shut behind her, essentially trapping her in. Well it wasn’t her fault she can’t leave now right? So she HAD to go inside and demand to wear the beautiful outfits. Dusting off her skirt, and with a smug smile, she confidently pressed on into the mansion’s doors. Full of wonder she walked into the lavish entryway of the mansion before snapping to reality when a sharp voice from behind made her jump.

 “..and what exactly are you doing here?” 

Composing herself, Shiina stated that she will now require their finest dress in the mansion because… she said so! Met with silence and a slightly disturbed(?) look, before a reply was given, another unfamiliar face appeared next to her demanding the same thing as she did (Who does she think she is?). 

Shiina could not utter another word before a firm grip met her shoulders and a humoured  “Well have fun then,” and the two were pushed into an incredibly messy room. Their clothes magically turned into the uniforms Shiina so desired – wait they weren’t the same? Where are the extra ruffles? Where are the colourful bows? What did Shiina get herself into this time?