MOE e Okaerinasaimase!

Maid Melody

“*Sniff Sniff*~ You smell like freshly baked cookies!”



14th June


17 (in human years)

Soul Colour


Blood type





Baking and ESPECIALLY eating the stuff she makes, napping, big fluffy blankets

Favourite foods

Chocolate filled croissant!

Favourite flower


Random fact

Due to her sensitive nose, Melody cannot eat any spicy food.

Born the runt of her large litter in a small community of dormice, Melody spent much of her pup-hood wrapped in cosy blankets, rarely leaving her bed. Despite being the smallest of her siblings, she was able to gain the strength to leave her nest after the consumption of lots and lots of delicious pastries from a nearby bakery. Although, the outside world would prove scarier than the tiny dormouse could have ever imagined. The secluded woodlands, whilst they kept her safe, also made Melody very shy and unable to express her feelings properly. Despite this, she enjoyed spending her time working towards her dream; to be the BEST baker in the Mouse Kingdom and express her feelings through delicious baked goods!

One day out in the woods, Melody ventured a little too far away from home, getting lost in the process and entering a local town for the first time. After seeing so many new sights and being quickly overwhelmed, she closed her eyes and allowed her nose to lead her to a familiar scent of baked goods. Landing herself in what she presumed was a pouch of cookies, she grew tired and fell asleep. Little did she know, she had just crawled into the pockets of Maid Clover, who unknowingly brought her into the MOE mansion.

Waking up to a lot of noise, the unfamiliar sight of two humans(?) seemingly arguing about whether or not one was allowed to keep and take care of Melody, she squeaked and scuttled into a small hut- wait… was this made out of gingerbread?! Finally getting her bearings a little, she realised she was in a beautiful kitchen full of delicious and fresh ingredients! The mouse poked her head out of the gingerbread house to ask the humans (whom one seemed to understand forest speech!) if she would be able to borrow some ingredients for her latest recipe! 

That was when the mansion began to shake with the giggles of what Melody would find out was the Mansion’s pixie Maid Macaron! A bright light engulfed the kitchen and when everything settled, Melody found herself in a humanoid form, able to speak the human language! Initially terrified of her new predicament, she found that in her new form she was able to improve her baking skills by utilising new techniques and ingredients. Maybe, just maybe, she will be able to create the perfect baked treat with the help of her new found masters and friends!