MOE e Okaerinasaimase!

Maid Honey

“You've had a long day? I'll heal you!”



1st May



Soul Colour


Blood type





Collecting magic spells, singing, fighting evil.

Favourite foods

Honeycomb, Honeydew boba, Capri sun.

Favourite flower


Random fact

Honey, despite being the bravest mahou shojo she can be has one small tiny fear, bats. But she promises to work hard to overcome this!

Honey’s life was surrounded by exciting adventures and magical spells ever since she wished upon a bright shooting star! Entering the secretive Magical Girl academy and excelling at the healer class, she was the happy-go-lucky model student. With her knowledge of the traditions of good and evil, she was determined to exterminate all demons from the planet! The only trouble is that she was only good at healing magic- every other type of magic needed much more work, so she would often sneak out of the academy to practise in secret.

Conjuring a sweet scented portal to lure low level demons to practise her ‘purifying’ spells on, she accidentally summoned a demon beyond her abilities to fight- a demon in the form of her greatest fear: bats! The fight between good and evil commenced as she chased her enemy trying to fight her own fear with her own sense of duty. Whilst in her own thoughts trying to think of what to do, she failed to notice the bat crashing through the windows of the mansion they had been fighting over. By the time she did, it was too late for Honey to stop herself from crashing into the building as well. Though she instantly healed herself, she was suddenly surrounded by unfamiliar faces who were now protecting this demon! Honey was shocked to find out that humans would protect this bat demon. Believing that it must have been influenced by demonic energies, Honey opened her mouth to cast a spell on everyone before she realised she had run out of mana from her fight.

Chastised (and blamed by Maid Echo) for ruining the mansion’s grounds, she was ordered to work in the Mansion in order to repay her debts- whilst she could just fix the mess she left with a simple spell, she decided to stay to keep an eye of her newfound demon adversary and her evil influences on the innocent masters that entered the mansion. It’s her duty as a proud Magical Girl to purify all evil after all!