Butler Yuuki

“Hmpf, i-idiot!”



7th December



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Otome games (Hakuōki: Kyoto Winds), nail art, poetry, historical literature, shōnen and shōjo manga and. . . Wait!! Uh, I didn’t meant to put that! I’m fond of fencing, which is the manliest of sports! Horse riding is also something I quite like.

Favourite foods

Pomegranate, Crème Brûleé, Macarons (Strawberry flavour). . . But don’t get the wrong idea! It’s not like I specifically likes sweets alright? I just. . . Like very complex stuff!

Favourite flower

Peony. (I-I just think they’re neat, okay?!)

Random fact

I sometimes wear heeled shoes or platforms. Not because I want to be feminine!! Being tall is a very masculine trait!!!

Yuuki is royalty from a foreign kingdom. As a young prince and only heir of the throne, he was expected to take over as soon, as his father decided to give up the crown. Even if he was being constantly bombarded with different responsibilities and tasks to do, he still managed to be very efficient while still maintaining his rather peculiar personality.
He took part in royal activities such as sword fighting (which he thoroughly enjoyed, thus making him a surprisingly skilled swordsman) and horse riding. He had his favourite go-to horse as well, a black and white Clydesdale named “Clover”. In spite of the fact that he tried to do everything he could to please his parents, there was only one thing that his father focused on and shamed him for. . . He was considered too feminine to be a proper king. He wasn’t tall and well built. He greatly indulged himself with very feminine pastimes such as embroidering, taking care of his flowers in the royal gardens and reading literature aimed female readers.

Feeling extremely wounded due to his father’s daily scoldings and multiple punishments, Yuuki decided to leave, swearing to only return as soon as he was deemed worthy of being his father’s successor.
He set off to England, a land where he thought harboured people with the most distinguished of manners and striking gentlemen (Black Butler said so!). As soon as he arrived, he felt rather lost since it wasn’t like he imagined, which made him wander around aimlessly and start thinking of giving up, until he stumbled upon the MOE mansion. Seeing the familiar environment of maids and butlers. . . of course he couldn’t resist approaching them!

Spending a bit of more time with them, he was amazed to see that the butlers were everything he was striving to be – an impeccable man with unmistakably good etiquette, able to be in complete control of the situation, pleasing those who adored them! How could he possibly miss this chance? As grumpy and stubborn as he was towards other men (mainly fuelled by his father’s mistreatment), he promised to serve his Danna-sama and Hime-sama with pride, in exchange of learning how to be the manliest man in the whole entire world!