Butler Atsushi

“"Oh Heavens! How absolutely magical!"”



2nd October


Immortal (looks forever 17)

Blood type


Soul colour

Pure White



Favourite food

Brownies & Ice Cream

Favourite flower

Lily of the Valley


Any kind of music, reading, learning about humans, hugs! (that counts as a hobby, right?)

Random fact

He likes to call all his fellow mansion residents “itouto” and “otouto”, to establish himself as an older brother figure for them all (except for Khao, as he feels he wouldn’t get away with it)

Atsushi was born a guardian angel, meant to watch over humans and counsel them in their daily woes. He was without a name, for only graduated guardian angels deserved one! While the duties of a guardian angel had clear involvement with humans, Atsushi just felt so. . . Enamoured by them. The way they talked, the art they created, the songs they sang. It was all just so beautiful to witness. He even loved their fashion so much, he decided to wear his glasses because the humans looked oh-so-adorable with them!

Unfortunately, an angel’s duty is to watch from afar. To categorise everything, and be cynical in their proceedings. So Atsushi’s fascination and closeness with humans was seen as strange, and he was shunned because of it. His heavenly brethren didn’t share the same passion as him. And it all felt so. . . Dull to him. What sense did it make to be so detached from it all? To be so hands-off with everything? His time in Heaven was starting to become incredibly boring. While being an outcast was no fun, seeing no kindred spirits share his passion for all things human was starting to take a toll on him.

As he looked down on Earth, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of yearning. He was tired of being behind the scenes all of the time. He wanted to go down there and join his beloved humans, instead of having to just look at them from afar. As a guardian angel, he knew he had his duties to attend to. But he dreamed of doting on them, helping them and being more involved in their lives. To step down from the Heavens, and be a part of their world. One day, he could sense. . . A strong fighting spirit, which prompted him to peer out and look into the earth. A young boy that, if the records were correct, was called “Susu”. He was travelling along in strange, dangerous woods. As he looked through his papers, he could feel in his connection with the human that Susu became afraid. Why? What was going on? Was he in danger!? As he panicked for him, he suddenly slipped and he was rapidly falling from the skies!

In a daze, he could feel the impact of water against his back before it quickly enveloped him. As he recovered a little, he could see that Susu had dragged him out of the pond from some sort of waterfall. The human was looking at him with incredible curiosity, and he couldn’t help but to indulge him. He explained to him that he was a guardian angel, and had noticed Susu for his fiery determination.

“But my apologies, I. . . Do not have a name to introduce myself with. You see, in Heaven there’s no need for it unfortunately.”

He admitted quite sheepishly.

“Then I’ll name you Atsushi! Since you’re a gentleman, after all.”

He was surprised at Susu’s words. Was he really deserving of a name? Well, if the human did so, then he might as well indulge him.

Atsushi and Susu agreed that they needed to carry on. So after some searching, they discovered a hidden tunnel behind the waterfall. They entered the tunnel and walked down a long path. Hours went by as they pressed on. They happily chatted and talked, eventually seeing a light in the distance as they approached their way out. After exiting the cave, they found themselves somewhere new and foreign, waiting at the doorstep of a strange mansion. Before they could even open the doors they could hear voices approaching from the other side.

“Careful everyone, I have sensed a spiritual disturbance. . . !“

“I wonder if they have any yummy dreams to eat. . . ~”

“Well, surely these new guests would benefit from my fabulous presence!~”

Before anything could further happen, an angry-looking, princely butler opened the doors.

“Step away from the doors, you dummies!!! Now, let’s see here. . . “

While the blonde looked shocked, it was undeniable. The stubborn butler told Atsushi that he could sense the power of kyun within him! Therefore, they could become butlers if they wished so. Wanting to know more about the mansion and the emotions of humans, he decided to join this new endeavour to become close to his beloved mortals.