MOE! Class in Session!

Spring is in full swing and the ringing of bell signifies a new school year!

Maid Amelia finishes off her kogal look whilst Maid Shiina stubbornly (willingly) helps Maid Pippa with her bows despite the pirate’s constant movement. Amongst the bickering of Maid Honey and Maid Echo about who has the most magical potential out of the two, Maid Lily investigates her most feared foe yet!… Maid Melody whom is innocently hmming to the ballads of Butler Louis.

So much activity yet the first chime of class hasn’t event run yet! The mansion’s gates are open to welcome our masters once again!

Serving you will be...

Slot 1: 12:00 - 15:00

Slot 1 - School Bells!

Ding Ding! Class is now in session! Our Maids and Butler will be dressed in their finest School uniforms!

Slot 2: 16:00 - 19:00

Slot 2 - Spring's Arrival!

With Spring in full swing, your Maids and Butlers will adorn their usual uniforms with a touch of spring accessories!

Event Specials

Slot 1 Exclusive! Uniform Check!~
As you enter the mansion, your serving Maid will check your uniform and either pass or fail you (With every maid and butler having different opinions of… fashion). You will then recieve a sticker according to your score!
Slot 1 Exclusive! Mock Quiz!~
It’s mock exams time masters! From general knowledge of anime or games to your MOE knowledge! We will be handing out tests for everyone! Highest scorer will recieve a full class chekki!
Slot 2 Exclusive! Maid Amelia SAYS!~
Maid Amelia’s first time at the helm of the mansion and the Gyaru may not understand the responsiblity behind it but she does enjoy all the new Pinku POWER she now holds! She will play a special game of ‘Simon Says’ with all the masters with the last standing will recieve a full cast chekki!
Slot 2 Exclusive! Egg hunt!~
The MOE mansion’s walls is decorated with cute themed eggs! How many can you count at the entrance? If you are correct, you will get a special sticker from your serving maid/butler!
Does your birthday fall a week (7 days) before, during or after our event? Let the Doormaid know (proof required!) and we will sing you Happy Birthday and present you with a free full event staff chekki!

We hope you will be able to join us!