MOE e Okaerinasaimase!

Maid Lily

“Don’t You Worry! I’m On The Case!”



6th January



Soul Colour


Blood type





Puzzles & Story Games, Exploring and highly classified ‘detective’ work.

Favourite foods

Custard Tarts (absolutely perfect with a freshly brewed cup of tea!)

Favourite flower


Random fact

There's nothing better for Lily than catching up on the latest lore and theories of her favourite games and anime!

Growing up with an unexplainable admiration for all things mysterious, the outgoing Lily surrounded herself with all things detective-esque, from how they held themselves, how they helped people, how they spoke and even how they dressed!

After reaching yet another deadend of a case relating to a mysterious fire, Lily was frustrated yet remained determined, following every small clue she could find. Following the whispers and rumours of a mystical entity, she found out about a place called MOE being related to the previous detective on said case. Though, despite trying to look for this so-called MOE mansion, she was unable to find it no matter what. She could not give up though; this was her only lead to solving her biggest case yet!

For many years it remained elusive to her until one day she saw an ad seeking help to find a missing crown in a location named the MOE Mansion. This was finally her big break! She did not hesitate to take the job and rushed to the coordinates given to her! Lily entered the mansion’s gates claiming to be the world’s No.1 detective, only to be met with a deafening laugh of her client, a princess in dark green who pointed her fingers at the other princess (this time in pink) accusing her of treason for stealing her crown. Lily, for the first time in her self-proclaimed detective life, was astounded at this predicament. Where had she stumbled into? This place brought her so many questions she could not answer. Before she could open her mouth to ask a question, her client exclaimed;

“I ~DON’T~ care how long it takes you! You can even live here, I need you to PROVE that Amelia stole it!” 

With a new drive to solve the greatest mystery so far, she accepted the proposition in order to finally discover the mystery of the MOE mansion!