Maid Echo

“I’ll take over the world, just you watch!!!”



30th October


444 years old in the demon realm, but 17 in the human world.

Blood type


Soul Colour



Planning out world domination. Flying around the mansion causing trouble, playing video games, singing and dancing.

Favourite foods

SNACKS!!! A human’s greatest invention!! J-Just nothing spicy ;w;

Favourite flower

Black Magic Viola’s

Random fact

Echo’s fangs and ears are completely retractable. Although she loves her ears, she’s rarely seen with her fangs out. Although she will deny it, she doesn’t want to scare anybody… maybe one day you’ll see her fangs, if she’s feeling feisty!

Echo is a bat who came to Earth from the Underworld, desperate to prove to her family that she could be just as evil they were! Being the youngest of three older siblings, she is often undisciplined and grew up mostly without rules and discipline making her quite spoilt yet oblivious to the dangers of the human world! Earth is a lot different than the Underworld she grew up in and she learnt it the hard way.

On her first day, she was chased by a group of infant mortals causing her to lose all her belongings. Tired and hungry, Echo decided to take rest upon a tree… Suddenly a large paw flies out the blue and took a stern grip of the struggling bat- She was caught by Maid Beatrice after trespassing into the MOE Mansion!

After revealing herself in her human form in front of the maids and butlers, Echo decided right there and then that the MOE Mansion would be the perfect place to implement her plans; To dominate the earth, and take control of all the mortals on its surface ~

This isn’t an easy task, because despite what Echo believes, she’s a little dim-witted and far too nice to be truly evil. Maybe if you’re lucky, she’ll play one of her ‘pranks’ on you~!