Doki-Doki White Day

馃挅MOE e Okaerinasaimase馃挅

What is that. . . ? Is it the moe feeling. . . Of love in the air? With a renewed sense of kyun, Butler Yuuki commands everyone to get ready and prepare the mansion for the arrival of their amazing masters! Butler Susu, with all his fighting spirit, starts to learn his new choreography. Butler Rin eagerly watches him as they try to get even more new XP points. Butler Louis and Atsushi don’t bicker for once, the angel strumming his guitar and the demon warming up his voice. Maid Shiina and Maid Amelia compare clothes, ready to impress their masters. And Butler Tsuki is even more energetic than usual! Surely everyone will have yummy dreams to eat after this occasion.

This event will be the debut of Butler Atsushi and Butler Susu! Show them all your love in this event filled with kyun~

Serving you will be...

Slot 1: 12-3PM

SLOT 1 - MOE Lovey-Dovey

Our maids and butlers will be dressed in their uniforms adorned with romantic accessories. (鈦 鈦勨⑩亜蠅鈦勨⑩亜 鈦)

Slot 2: 4-7PM

SLOT 2 - A Day With Us!

Our Maids and Butlers will be dressed in their most lovely date outfits! Still your beating hearts, masters. . .

Event Specials

馃挊 Slot 1 Exclusive: Moe Lovey-Dovey Dressup!~ We urge all our masters to come dressed in their best Valentine’s or Love-themed clothes! The winner will get confession letters from all our staff.

馃幍 Slot 1 Lives: Butler Atsushi & Butler Susu~ Cheer these two new butlers on as they sing and dance for their masters!

馃挊 Slot 2 Exclusive: Lovey-Dovey Bingo!~ Feeling lady luck on your side? All masters will be given the chance to participate! The winner will get confession letters from all our staff!

馃幍 Slot 2 Lives: Butler Yuuki&Louis and Maid Shiina~ Can you feel the love in the air?

~MOE Kyun Lucky Dip!~ We will have our lucky dip box, where you have the chance to win a keyring, badge, bromide or chekki. Each dip is 拢3.50; try your luck! This event we have NEW bromides included!

~Otanjoubi!~ Does your birthday fall a week (7 days) before, during or after our event? Let the Doormaid know (proof required!) and we will sing you Happy Birthday and present you with a free full event staff chekki!