Butler Susu

““I seek the greatest stories!” ”



13th April


Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour




Favourite food

Fried rice

Favourite flower



Dancing, telling stories, travelling

Random fact

His favourite type of dance is breakdance!

Susu grew up in a quiet village with not much surrounding it, he had a quiet upbringing. One day Susu decided he had enough of the silence, he ventured out of his hometown seeking an adventure, on the way out of the town the locals wished Susu good luck. This gave him a huge burst of fighting spirit and motivation on his adventure!

He travelled for miles until he arrived in the big city. The first interaction he saw was a large crowd surrounding a group of people moving around, he was curious and approached them. He saw that they were dancing, he enjoyed watching and hearing the crowd cheer. Susu decided he wanted to learn and experience it, he practised by himself for days and made sure he perfected every move. He returned to the same group days later and joined in with the dance, he was welcomed by the dancers and the crowd cheered him on! Susu found his passion for dance, and it made him determined to always fight any challenges and new goals that came his way. Filled with determination, Susu competed in his first dance battle but lost! He hated the feeling of defeat as he had never felt this emotion as much when he was living in his village… But Susu vowed that losing would not discourage him and made sure to work even harder! 

After his journey he returned to his hometown with stories to tell and something new to show, he always liked making people smile with his tales! Going on adventures was his way of learning something new, discovering more about himself, meeting new people and creating a meaningful story ready to share with everyone.

After Susu finished telling his stories to everyone in his village, he eagerly left to go on a deeper, thrilling journey. He wanted the next story to be better than his last, and was willing to do whatever it took to achieve that. This goal meant a lot to him after seeing all the smiles from his village folks. Susu decided to follow where his gut told him to go, even if the surroundings looked dangerous! He ended up in a forest but little did he know, he wasn’t alone…

A bug jumped on his shoulder, and Susu… Well. . . He hated bugs! He panicked and ran as fast as he could, he escaped the bug and ended up at a beautiful waterfall in the forest. Panting and exhausted, Susu realised he had never seen something like this before, so he decided to approach the waterfall to wash his face. He felt lost and hopeless, and before he knew it…

A sudden light fell from the sky, parting the trees and landing with a loud splash against the water! Did someone fall from the sky!? In a spur of bravery, he jumped into the pond and dragged the mysterious person out of it. As this stranger coughed out the water and tried to get dry, Susu only felt curiouser and curiouser. They had a strange, holy aura coming from them. As they recovered, the stranger decided to tell them the truth. He was a guardian angel, who fell from the Heavens when he noticed that Susu was in trouble. This angel admitted that he first noticed him due to his fighting spirit, and ever since then had tried watching over him.

“But my apologies, I.. Do not have a name to introduce myself with. You see, in Heaven there’s no need for it unfortunately.”

Well, that simply couldn’t be! Susu hummed in thought. This angel had been very kind and considerate of him, so perhaps. . .

“Then I’ll name you Atsushi! Since you’re a gentleman, after all.”

He proudly declared. The angel was left without words at first, but he happily accepted his new name. Atsushi and Susu agreed that they needed to carry on. So after some searching, they discovered a hidden tunnel behind the waterfall. They entered the tunnel and walked down a long path. Hours went by as they pressed on. They happily chatted and talked, eventually seeing a light in the distance as they approached their way out. After exiting the cave, they found themselves somewhere new and foreign, waiting at the doorstep of a strange mansion. Before they could even open the doors they could hear voices approaching from the other side.

“Careful everyone, I have sensed a spiritual disturbance. . . !“

“I wonder if they have any yummy dreams to eat. . . ~”

“Well, surely these new guests would benefit from my fabulous presence!~”

Before anything could further happen, an angry-looking, princely butler opened the doors.

“Step away from the doors, you dummies!!! Now, let’s see here. . . “

While the blonde looked shocked, it was undeniable. The stubborn butler told Susu that he could sense the power of kyun within him! Therefore, they could become butlers if they wished so. Determined to search for even more stories to bring back home, Susu eagerly accepted. Becoming a butler in training, and taking on yet another challenge he could overcome! Fighting!