Our Maids and Butlers open the Mansion’s doors at GO Japan! Whilst Maid Shiina -calmly- explains to Maid Mari that the cars on show are not infact her property and thus cannot simply be taken, Maid Sawashiro searches for her missing eye after leaving it to keep an eye on Maid Kotoko’s performances. The shine of the racing cars mystifies Butler Atsushi, wondering if Butler Yuuki would suit the bright pink sports car or if he is simply pretending to like it.

MOE attends GO Japan for the first time!
Due to venue regulations, our usual food and drink menu is not avaliable (except for our food competition!) therefore a full activity menu will be replaced! This means you can spend time with your maid/butler doing activities like painting our very own oshi fan and masks!

Serving you will be...

Slot 1: 9:30am-4:30pm


Our maids and butlers will be dressed in their uniforms with adorned with their favourite accessories!

Event Specials

We are hosting a food competition during the day where masters whom finish a SUPER MOE set of Omurice, Melon Soda and Kuma Pancakes the fastest will win a prize! We hope to see you compete! (Time to be annouced)

Every hour there will be a live from each and every maid and butler!

~MOE Shop~
We will be opening our MOE shop at the event entrance! Feel free to browse all our bromides for sale along with other goodies available~

Does your birthday fall a week before, during or after our event? Let the Head Maid/Butler know (proof required!) and we will sing you Happy Birthday and present you with a free full event staff chekki!