Maid Kotoko

“I’ll shine just like everyone!”



February 22nd


Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour




Favourite food

Caramel pudding and oysters

Favourite flower



Arcade games (like Maimai), Otome manga and games, Cosplaying, Odottemita, JiraiKei Fashion, Kuromi (Sanrio).

Random fact

She always daydreams about her future performances during school, causing her to fail her classes.

Growing up in a very ordinary family, both their kindness and overprotection influenced the young girl as she grew up quite shy. Playing dress up with her dolls and watching TV one day, she caught a glimpse of an idol performance. The glittery, shining outfits bouncing on the stage. The cheering crowds chanting their beloved idols names. Each member shining in their own way yet together, they made their presence known. Most importantly, they had the confidence to do anything! Kotoko was instantly inspired. From that day on, her dream was to be just like them; an idol!

First things first, she needed an extra cute name! Despite initial resistance and confusion, her family and friends around her began calling her ‘Kira’. Next was to learn how to dance, she performed in front of the TV, following their movements every chance she got. She practised singing, collected idol trading cards, sewed her own idol uniform. Whilst alone, her performances were pitch perfect without a single mistake. Every time she would audition for a group, her nerves would always take over, never getting her the role. Yet every rejection only inspired Kotoko to be stronger and train harder! She wasn’t the shy Kotoko, she was the super cool ‘Kira’!

One day, after another failed audition due to her nerves, she spotted M.O.E rehearsing. Curious what they were doing, she followed them to the Mansion and told them of her journey to be an idol. She asked to join the maids so that she could shine just like them! Surprised by the sudden appearance and demands, yet moved by her passion and spirit, a particularly sparkly maid reached out and pulled her into the mansion for the biggest training arc of Kotoko’s life!