MOE! Onee-sama’s Farewell
  • 14th of March, 2021


MOE e Okaerinasaimase!

After almost 7 years of service, the battle android Maid Kyoko has been officially released from her secret military duties which means she is now able to travel the world so thus she will be departing from the MOE mansion on the 14th March ;w;;; We will certainly miss her but we are happy for her newfound freedom!

Before she departs the Mansion, she will be live on our TWITCH as her graduation from MOE so we hope you are able to join her in her last day in MOE!

Her Graduation sale can be found here:


~ Kyoko’s Farewell Live 

Maid Kyoko will sing especially for our masters with a special singing LIVE!

~ M.O.E. Music Video Reveal. 

At the start of the event, we will be streaming the very new M.O.E. Single song! Please enjoy!

~Donate during our stream for irl gifts~
To claim specific rewards please include it in your donation message!
Shipping will be FREE to our masters!

~MOE cheki time! – £4
Purchase Maid Kyoko’s graduation chekki! Your very last time you will be able to get one ;w;!!

~Onee-sama’s Karaoke! – £10 (Maximum 3 per stream)

Maid Kyoko will sing an additional song!


Serving you will be...