MOE! Cyber Christmas
  • 19th of December, 2020


MOE e Okaerinasaimase!

As the night falls earlier, are those winter’s chills or… Is it Maid Echo emitting her super (Totally real!!) demonic powers? Maid Khao is here to investigate as we celebrate Christmas with our Masters along with a special RANK UP of our resident Bat maid!
Join us at the comfort of your own home through the gates of the MOE mansion via Twitch!

The full course of tasty treats we will be preparing for you will be;
Drink – Beri Berry Shakey
Main – OmuOmu Rice
Dessert – Cakey Oishi!

Games Games Games!
Join the two live on stream playing Mario Kart (Switch) to win the number 1 spot!

❤️Serving Maids❤️
Maid Khao
Maid Echo

Join us at our TWITCH!


~Donate during our stream for irl gifts and event extras!~
To claim specific rewards:

~MOE Kyun Lucky Dip! – £3
We will have our lucky dip box, but this time with a twist! Either Maid Khao or Echo will try their luck with batsu games suggested by their fellow maids and butlers for example, eating a suuper spicy chili to making a funny face for a couple of minutes!
The master can pick who has to take the batsu game!

They can also suggest batsu games here!

~MOE cheki time! – £4
Shipping will be FREE to our masters!
Get a chekki from any (or both) of the two serving maids! Decorated LIVE for you!

~Extra lives – £15
Maid Khao will be ready to do extra performances for you! From MOE’s two singles to other Maid cafe songs!
(Maximum of 3 for duration of the event)

~Echo RANK UP Live!~
To celebrate her ranking up from Shinjin (Trainee) to A-rank, Maid Echo will be performing Eternally Flickering Flame from the Aikatsu! Series for our masters! Please enjoy her demonic performance!

Does your birthday fall a week before, during or after our event? Let the us know via email ( ) before the event and we will sing you Happy Birthday and present you with a free set of MOE goodies!

Serving you will be...