Maid Keiki



Forever 17

Blood type

AB... Cat Type

Soul colour

Light pink

Favourite flower

Light pink Carnation~☆

Favourite food

Cake! Keiki loves cake so much that she even eats it for breakfast ☆. *. · ゜,


Baking cakes, Eating cakes, Dancing, Singing, Playing video games and Cosplay ~!

Random fact

I have a secret collection of plushies~!! Shhhh ^____~

Keiki used to be a white fluffy cat that lived in a cake shop!
Everyday she used to watch her owner make delicious cupcakes covered in yummy butter creme icing.
How she longed to be able to make her own twinkly cupcakes and eat them by the dozen whilst wearing the cute uniform her owner did!
One day, Keiki was sitting on her pink blanket by the window and saw a shooting star~~~☆ She made a wish that would change her whole life! ^-^

Keiki magically transformed a small human girl with white cat ears on top of her head! She was so excited that she was a human she run straight to the kitchen,
put on a uniform and made a chocolate cake!
Her owner gave her a job in the cake shop for a little while but Keiki couldn’t stop dancing around to the music that played there!
So one day she went on an adventure around the town to see new cute things where she stumbled across MOE! Being new to the whole human thing, she thought it would be a great opportunity to make some new friends and wear a super cute uniform o((*^▽^*))o

Keiki loves to make people happy and loves to dance so it was the perfect job for her~! To serve her Goshujin-sama & Ojou-sama makes Keiki happi happi happi~♫