Butler Lexie



17 since I can remember

Blood type

AB negative

Soul colour


Favourite food

Expensive chocolate

Favourite flower

White rose


Playing Video Games and Card games, doing his hair, listening to music, watching the World go by.

Random fact

Loves meeting new people that truly are interested about him, more so if they give him chocolate.

Loneliness contrasts with beauty, however being told at you are beautiful does not stop you from being lonely. You need friends to make you feel alive. Due to never knowing what a real family was like, Lexie grew up in an adoption house. He never had friends or anyone who he could call a friend.
Everyone was just another connection another person to use. However Lexie would have not turned out this why he always thinks he had a way to call home. People would commonly take him out on days to perhaps adopt him however it always ended the same way. No call back, and never getting out of the hell hole. At age fifteen Lexie was able to leave the adoption house at the dead of night with money he had made from helping around the house and basic modelling he had done.
He had no idea where he was going or what he was going to do but he wanted to see the world and meet new people that were not like the people back at the adoption house. Before he knew it he was several trains and buses away and had no idea where he was. However he liked this idea, everyone that he meets now will not know anything about him. It would be a brand new leaf for him.
Getting a job was easy however making friends was hard to make conversation with people as all he knew was himself.

One day Lexie was at a library trying to see if he could find a book about human psychology and see if he would be able to figure out a way to make a connection with people, he also wanted to see if the books would give any ideas for him to bring into conversation. He happened to see a girl and thought he would give it a go and talk to her with the idea that if he laughs at me I can walk away. He and the girl talked for ages and he was overwhelmed with joy, she introduced herself as Lala.
She told Lexie all about her life and her time at this mansion that sounded amazing, how she had all these friends that cared about her. Before he knew it Lexie did the same, however he explained he did not have a job at the time. Lala grabbed his hand and told him to become a butler at MOE, seeing as this girl was the first person Lexie could call a friend he decided to join MOE.