MOE! Confessional Valentines
  • 14th of February, 2021


MOE e Okaerinasaimase!

The season of LOVE is here masters! Yet the recent snow has mellowed out the ever hectic Mansion! Join Maid Khao for a cozy evening as she spends this heartful day with her masters!

Some of the maids have given the stoic headmaid some Valentine’s treats so she will be tasting them on the stream – Do our masters have them as well?

Ever wanted to let a Maid or Butler know something you were to shy to say?
We are running a special ‘Confession’ event where our masters can have their feelings spoken anonymously during the stream!

Along with this Maid Khao will have plently of unseen goodies to share with her masters along with some special annoucements! We wonder what it will be o///o?


During the stream, Maid Macaron will be appearing on the stream 3 times! Note the time that she appears down and put your entries onto the form over at
A winner will be selected to win our super special announcement item! (winners will be announced the following Wednesday)

~Donate during our stream for irl gifts~
To claim specific rewards please include it in your donation message!
Shipping will be FREE to our masters!

~MOE Kyun Lucky badge Dip! – £2 (3 for £5)
An exclusive time to get MOE badges – usually only available at our pop up events are now available online for just this one event! Test your luck and see who you may get!
(Limited available)

~MOE cheki time! – £3
It’s been 1 year since our annual photoshoot and we have some chekkis decorated by the various members of the MOE mansion! Maid Khao will pick a random one for our masters to keep!

Serving you will be...