Maid Yuka



Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour

Dark green

Favourite food

Scones with lots of cream

Favourite flower



Reading, collecting old books, visiting libraries, watching magical girl and idol anime, dancing (usually alone in her room, where nobody can see her…)

Random fact

I really enjoy dark fantasy novels! There’s something so compelling about vampires and werewolves and the like, don’t you think?

Ever since she could remember Yuka has been unbearably shy. Although she had friends despite her shyness, she was always quiet around them, preferring to keep her nose in a book, rather than dive into the conversations taking place around her. Yuka wished she could be more outgoing, but she was terrified about saying something embarrassing or looking foolish in front of other people.

As she grew older, Yuka began to take an interest in anime, especially idol series. She admired idols and wanted to be able to perform on stage just like them! Yuka loved to dance and sing but there was just one small problem… being on stage sounded absolutely terrifying!! But Yuka didn’t want to give up. She gathered up her courage and ventured out into the world, determined to find some self-confidence. In her search, she came across MOE and decided it would be the perfect place to conquer her shyness…