Maid Shizuku




Blood type


Soul colour


Favourite food


Favourite flower

Any wild flowers that grow near the beach!


Singing, Dancing, Playing Fighting Games, DDR and Surfing!

Random fact

I envy girls who get a tan in the sunshine! I love the beach but it's so rare for me to tan... I just get... lots of freckles... ONE DAY! ヾ(*´ー`)ノ

Shizuku is the typical energetic and ambitious type who will always try to see the best in every situation. Growing up by the coast she is most at home by the sea, spending every moment she can get surfing or dancing on the sand. When her family decided to uproot and move inland to a city, Shizuku found herself growing restless and agitated by the high rise buildings and small spaces.
Optimistic and positive as always Shizuku swore to find something fun to do in the city that would take her mind off the waves until she could get back to the coast. Exploring the city at every chance she got, she stumbled upon an Arcade. Drawn to the competitive arcade fighters and DDR machines, Shizuku found an outlet for her energy and was hooked instantly.
Never a sore-loser, she will happily join in for any fast paced competition be it a race, arcade fighter or even a simple game of Janken-Pon!!
Shizuku still misses the surf, sun and sea but throws herself into any activity she can find (dancing, extreme Frisbee, you name it!) and is always excited to meet others who share her interests!