Maid Shin



Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour

Dark blue


Star-gazing, eating, reading

Favourite foods

Pizza, ice cream mochi

Favourite flower


Shin used to think she was an alien when she was little and had many adventures, but she was often teased and while growing up she realised her silliness and gave up on supernatural phenomena.

Even after joining MOE (to observe Miyuu – Shin is fascinated by her) she has difficulty believing the magical nature of some of the maids and pretends to ignore it. She tries to find a rational explanation to everything.

Secretly, she continues to stay up late every night, trying to find aliens in the sky.
Shin gets embarrassed very easily and will try calming down other MOE maids if they get too excited, especially in front of goshujin-sama and ojou-sama! Shin chasing another member of the family with a broom has become a common sight in the MOE Mansion.