Maid Nadeshiko




Blood type


Soul colour

Light blue

Favourite food

Melon bread

Favourite flower

Flowers are stupid.


Not reading manga, watching cool anime (mecha/action etc) and playing fighting games... wait, why do you care? >_>

Random fact

It's definitely not that have an otaku level obsession with video games and manga, and I'm certainly NOT an otaku.

Nadeshiko was raised in a very strict household, where Nadeshiko, the only daughter, was brought up to be an “ideal” woman. However, Nadeshiko did not like this, so often skipped school and stayed in her room all day, playing video games, reading manga and watching anime in some form of rebellion. Ultimately she became socially withdrawn, pretending to be a super robot or a tokusatsu hero to entertain herself. When she is caught wearing a Kamen Rider belt and pretending to henshin, she gets very embarrassed and angry.

At school, Nadeshiko was frequently teased for her small stature and short temper. She lacks ability to express how she actually feels and usually covers up with cruel words and rude expressions, but she can be caught off-guard with a smile when she sees something cute, eats yummy food or talks about something she loves.

Hearing that there was a real android in MOE, Nadeshiko approached the staff, angrily demanding a job. And just somehow, she managed to get it…