Maid Mocha




19th January


Forever 17

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Favourite foods

Everything pasta-related

Favourite flower



Collecting cute things, daydreaming, brewing alchemy potions, admiring the great alchemists and envying their adventurous lifestyle...

Random fact

Ever since coming here, I grew kind of fond of this thing called "video gaming" everyone does. Being able to actually play the part of certain characters in a story... an extremely powerful alchemist must have helped in creating those illusions!

Mocha belongs to one of the last still existing alchemist families in her village. Ever since she reached the age of 7, she had to undergo vigorous training to become a worthy successor to the family workshop. However, shortly after starting her training, it became very clear that she possessed not too much talent in alchemy whatsoever. Most of her potions went terribly wrong, and from time to time, even the decorative objects she made using her alchemy exploded for no reason! She was jokingly referred to as the “harbinger of chaos” by most people of the village.

Furthermore, due to her relentlessly training at home from a very young age, she never went out to play like the other children did and therefore only made very few friends; most of them being animals or the artificial homunculus, who were created by the high level alchemy of her grandmother and serve in her parents workshop.

For her proud family and extremely prosperous bloodline, having Mocha become the new owner of their popular workshop in her current state was naturally unacceptable. They decided to send her away from home and on a journey in order to become less shy and hopefully acquire at least a few more practical alchemy skills. This journey usually marked the end of every young alchemist’s training, and upon returning to the village they are seen as fully fledged members of the alchemist bloodline. Mocha was given the recipe of a very powerful potion, was told that she had to train hard during her journey and that after being able to brew the potion without mistakes, she would be allowed to come back home and claim her workshop.

Loving the old tales of the great alchemists and their adventures, Mocha was very grateful about that opportunity at first, but soon realized that she did not do very well on her own. Mocha is extremely shy around people and lacks some social skills, due to never having been in contact with many people her age. Sometimes she cannot even look anyone in the eyes properly when talking. Also being rather clumsy, she fears people getting angry at her for making mistakes. She is a daydreamer and if everything becomes too much, it is typical for her to simply dream her worries away.

That is when she found MOE and decided to join them to hopefully become a better alchemist and help them out with her potions and creations…