Maid Miyuu



Forever 17

Soul colour

Light purple

Fuel type


Model number


Favourite flower


Favourite food

Although Miyuu doesn't really need to eat, Miyuu likes Yakiniku <3 MEAT!


Looking at and appreciating cute girls, serving my Goshujinsama and Ojousama, erogaes, bishoujo games, BL games and dancing!

Random fact

Miyuu has a battle mode called "Defender", however this has never been activated, nor is the password / trigger is known to anyone, not even herself.

Miyuu is a humanoid robot who was created to serve at Maids Of England. Her AI was originally programmed by four different programmers, who all left significant traces of their flair behind, as a part of her persona.

She was based a few of the AKB48 members fused together, appearance-wise and programmed personality-wise, due to one of her developers being a huge idol fan. She had been used as a very large portable hard drive by one of the developers, who had forgotten to wipe all his files from her when he left, meaning she has a rather unusually wide knowledge on male orientated anime and games.

She runs on a complex AI system that is “Self Learning”, though sometimes her programming seems a little off, or in some cases, bugs and errors would occur, meaning she needs to be updated rather frequently.

As a maid, Miyuu is well programmed, and can fulfill her duties in good manner. When not in use, she is on standby, and seems very happy when she is booted up to work with MOE, that she calls her own family.