Maid Luna

“Let the stars guide you!”



13th September


Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour

Light pink


Astrology, crystal healing, stargazing, manga drawing

Favourite foods

Mochi, flavoured chocolates, fresh berries

Favourite flower


Random fact

Although Luna can accurately read people's fortunes (as long as she can see the stars), sometimes she likes to say ridiculous ones to see their reactions!

Luna is one of several Moon Rabbits – cryptic and mysterious entities that reside on the surface of the moon, tasked with making delicious mochi to be given to powerful deities.

However, due to her overexcitable and easily distracted nature, Luna did not connect well with the others and spent most of her time on the moon alone, learning to read the movements of the stars.
She also looked towards the Earth to pass the time, trying to piece together knowledge about it from afar and grew to love the distant planet.

Eventually, Luna realised that predicting what was going to happen using the stars made life much less interesting, so when a small meteor she didn’t foresee hurtled towards the Earth, Luna took it as a sign to let life be a little more unpredictable and used it as a guide to leap all the way to the Earth! She spent a long time travelling and experiencing many different cultures and languages in order to fit in seamlessly with human life. Despite her best efforts, her tall rabbit-like ears and unusual aptitude for fortune-telling made her stand out, and she became desperate to find somewhere she could make friends without being kept at a distance.

On her travels around London, wishing for such a place, the stars guided Luna to the MOE Mansion, where it seemed that many people, from vastly different places in the universe, resided in (relative) harmony. Could fate have finally guided her somewhere that she can truly belong?